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Dear Theresa. I would like to thank you for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Puglia, but words fail me. I find superlatives bubbling from my lips. Every time I thought that it couldn’t get better than this, another experience rivaled the previous one for top status. Everyday provided new highlights. The choice of hotels was perfect; small boutique hotels that don’t serve up a generic recipe. The attention to detail and gracious hospitality was evident at each establishment.

The cooking lessons and demonstrations were personal and interactive. The plates of food, meals and the attention with which they were prepared brought tears to my eyes more than once. I however feel that I have to single out your role Theresa. It is your passion for cooking, travel, music and people and your organisational skills that made this trip different from any other that I have previously been on. You are not just a knowledgable tour leader, you are all about connection, the integrity of the group and everyone feeling happy and having fun. I will treasure the memories of Puglia forever.

Just a note to thank you for the most amazing time we all had, experiencing Puglia.

This magical journey unfolded with a uniqueness that lingered throughout the entire trip. The essence of the land is truly celebrated in daily life, kindhearted and generous people touched our souls. We woke up daily in absolute awe to experience and capture each magnificent day so carefully planned by you and Theresa.

Your effort is truly appreciated, the extra miles noticed and we’ll treasure the overwhelming memories, flavors and moments forever.


Dear Theresa

I do not have the words to describe my sincere and humble gratitude to you for incuding me in this culinary tour to Puglia. All my expectations were blown away with what was on offer…. 5* arrangements, 5* accommodation, 5* cooking experiences, 5* meals…. & 5* travel companions!! I came back filled to the brim with new ideas on food, fashion, and overall appreciation for both the simple things in life as well as the best… we experienced it all! My thanks to Lusso & Gusso for their input in making these two weeks two of the best of my life!! On my bucket list to join you again in the future!! Lots of love


Dear Theresa and Marie Blanche

I’m almost sure Theresa’s love affair with Italy and its food began with the reading of the book,”Dear Francesca” by Mary Contini many years ago when we were still very actively organizing fundraising events for the school and church.She recommended the book to me with great enthusiasm,I can recall

It still remains a beautiful story how two like minded people started following each other on Pinterest, because there were mutual appreciation and love for good food and its styling; interiors and travel. This developed into a partnership which offers what we were fortunate and blessed to experience in Puglia.

Thank you once again for serving us a michelin star menu of well chosen cooking classes; bespoke appointed accommodation and all of the best Puglia has to offer.It certainly was a true Italian experience packed full of flavour, style architectural beauty, Puglia’s unpretentiousness, simplicity and friendliness.

We all returned to SA inspired and fulfilled. All of the very best with your future ventures!