My approach to travel is to be open to sensory experiences – and to direct you to the flavours and culture of the country we are travelling in ….. I want to take you to that place where you can see, taste, smell, touch and hear music, flavours, fragrances, beautiful scenery, art, food and people are all sources of pleasure……..

Culinary Getaways offers the following a touch of class

experiences beyond ordinary

accommodation in charming and luxurious places

seductive settings

expert cooking demonstrations

tailor-made itinerary

a feeling of what to expect……….

Sicily group … on the island Marzamemi

Stylish accommodation

Silence & Stillness

Hidden Gems in Puglia

The Trulli of Alberobello

Shopping Shopping ……

We love Puglia!

Beautiful Gallipoli

Our 3 nights stay in the exquisite palazzo

On a olive farm in Sicily

Styling workshop near Florence

somewhere in the French countryside

Visiting the quaint village of Locorotondo

Our stay in scenic Monopoli